Demo '14

by Judiciary

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released May 15, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Shmuck in Argyle, Texas
Art by Chun One. (



all rights reserved


Judiciary Lubbock, Texas

West Texas Hardcore

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Track Name: Eyes Wide
Born to swallow the blasphemy
Forcing all the lies down the drain
In my eyes you're all the fucking same vultures
Feeding off the minds of the blind
But I see right through their eyes
Propaganda and hysteria
Brainwash the youth
Feeding them hate
Your eyes are wide
Your spirits broken
No moral compass to bring you back to peace
But you can't look away
Corruption and guilt are leading your mind astray
But never mine
And I keep my eyes wide

Fuck this game I won't buy in count me out

Hidden skeletons that you can't hide from are pulling you away from hope
Just like the noose they tied around your throat
And then your problems end at the end of their noose

If there's one thing I know, you're leaving this world alone
No stories to tell, no hand to hold, no place to call your home.
Track Name: Shackled
You can't shackle me
I know what your voices say to you
And I can see your lies
I was blinded by young eyes
But now I see your deception
And I think it's time for the key to be dropped
I can think for myself
The key has dropped

And I can't face the pride that you set for yourself in your false perfect world
I'm no longer blinded by red
you'll see your own ways.

You made the same mistakes you swore you never would now you're dead to me.

You've kicked your chair now you'll lay in your grave.
Track Name: Since Birth
Take the bad mix it up with the good
Oblivious to the lies told to us
Don't know how to think
Don't know where to turn
Our feeble mindsets crumble and burn

Force fed lies since birth, knowing only to take our faith and armor into the hands of corrupt

The American dream is dead, and we don't know where to go.
And the path we take is forked. Which way will you go
Which of the two evils shines brighter in your eyes.
You can't face it, this place is our demise

The American dream is dead, but we don't know where to turn.
Greed will take the balance of power.
Track Name: Bite The Bullet
I was kicked to the curb
Wallowing in the dirt
As you watched on
Your fucking conscience gone
No trust in you
You fucking know no truth
Death walks slowly behind you

In the beginning all you promised was gold
But in the end it was the false reality that you molded
In the beginning all I heard of was truth
But in the end you couldn't come up with an excuse

You became the advocate for lies
Falling deeper into your fake smile

Feeding your ego
At my own dismay
Putting on your own show
Just to throw me away
I'm done looking for gold
Done with the games you play
Peel back the curtains just to get back what you took away

Bite the bullet no more.
Spit the bullet out
Track Name: No Justice, No Peace
The guilty are choking on their greed
The hopeless are living on their knees
This world I no longer recognize
No more peace of mind, no more will to survive

Removing all hope
Destroying all we see
Bystanders of death
Accomplice to their greed

Blind leading the blind
Leading us astray
Running out of time
Corruption will remain

No justice no peace
Panic in the streets
Backs to the wall
Your crimes will be repaid
Karma swings your way
False leaders brought to their knees

Tables turned
Face to face with karma
As the trigger is pulled.